Learning Design Done Learnfully

Learning Design Done Learnfully

Have you questioned lately whether your learning design is in good hands?

Recently I have been conducting a series of workshops with my business partner in a leading health organisation. Confident Conversations is a course we designed specifically to equip their leaders with the skills and insights for managing difficult conversations. We received some excellent feedback from not only the workshops, but also from our post workshop follow-up coaching and learning resources.

As learning designers and professional coaches, we are always on the look out for evidence that our programs are effective and where opportunities exist to improve them. Not long after our first pilot of the Confident Conversations program we were delighted to hear that a senior team member seamlessly utilised our Quick Reference Guide with one of her colleagues. This is a simple learning resource from the program that you keep on your phone to find inspiration and help for the words to use in a difficult conversation. Instead of solving the problem for her colleague like she typically would, she immediately pulled up the Quick Reference Guide on her phone. She coached her colleague in real time on how to approach the situation she was facing.

With our expertise and background, we may be able to assist…

My business partner Judy Little and I joined forces in 2020 to create a boutique learning design and professional development consultancy called LEARNFULLY. Our shared passion for learning and development commenced in the Grace Bros Training Department (in 1989), then located in the flagship George Street store. We cut our training teeth conducting new employee orientation and induction, along with point of sale and selling skills training. These formative years in learning and development were both challenging and fun, but most of all these years helped us appreciate the importance of understanding our learners, their diversity and wide breadth of learning needs. We also developed a deep understanding of the need to demonstrate patience and respect towards our program participants. Vitally important to ensure they felt fully supported to succeed and leave the learning environment with increased skills, knowledge, and hopefully confidence.

I first met Judy at Bathurst airport doing a lightning fast handover for a group she had been training in point of sale skills. Judy needed to return to Sydney for an important meeting and so I was flown in to complete the training with her group. Thinking back, all those years ago I knew the importance we placed on our learners and the care needed to deliver an optimal learning experience. Because we both care strongly about our role as learning facilitators we met, albeit briefly, for a progress report of the people being trained to ensure their various learning needs were met. We have never strayed from our passion to help people learn. No matter their skill level or experience, or the type of program, we take care to ensure our learning design is flexible to accommodate everyone.

We tailor our programs to your needs.

After 30 years perfecting our craft, and especially our skills in learning design, facilitation and coaching, we spend whatever time is necessary to ensure we have carefully considered our programs, workshops and learning resources. We take a structured approach to learning design and have used the 4mat model of learning design as a starting point for all our projects. After considering the different learning styles and program structure, we build our content and learning activities to ensure they are engaging and relevant. Finally, we select the most suitable learning activities and resources to maximise learning transfer to real world environments. We can design solutions for commercial purposes like sales training, for an organisational culture development program like company vision and values, or we can provide innovative online solutions that act like a silent coach on-the-job.

Together we have conducted countless conferences for executives, front line managers and staff. We tailor design learning with our organisation and target audience in mind, making sure not to make assumptions about what they may or may not like. Instead, we involve the people we are training throughout the development and design process. This process extends from learning needs analysis, to program design and implementation, and finally to evaluation of individual and organisational learning outcomes.

At LEARNFULLY we ensure the continuous improvement of our programs by acting on feedback from program participants. We utilise their learning experience (including workshop activities, professional coaching, on-the-job learning resources etc.) to ensure our programs remain relevant, engaging and insightful.

We’d love to talk with you about your needs.

Whether you are seeking help to design a comprehensive learning strategy or a focussed one-off learning design, we would love to help. We also enjoy supporting and adding value to your organisation though focussed professional coaching assignments. Please contact us to set up a meeting so we can learn-more-fully about you and or your organisation’s needs.

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